Screen Shots

Please click on images for larger size. I'm responsible for layout, gameplay, theme and art placement that enforces theme/background of the areas. Thanks to the awesome artists who created the kits and clutter objects, and did a fantastic job doing art passes on my spaces.

Fallout 3:
Firefight with super mutants in Georgetown.

Helping Sidney defend the Rotunda in the National Archives.

Being rushed by an attacking feral ghoul in Farragut Metro.

Tranquility loungers in Vault 112.

The mirelurks have their revenge and have overrun the mirelurk kitchen under the Anchorage War Memorial

Setting off a flame trap in the abandoned broken bow of Rivet City.

The flame trap catches up to the player.

Pinkerton's secret research facility in the broken bow of Rivet City.

Utilizing the awesome cave kit in Shalebridge Caverns.

The Pitt DLC:

The player sees Ashur's Palace for the first time from Uptown, home of the Pitt's raiders.

Everett the steelyard foreman, sitting at his desk.

Slaves cut apart scrap metal while raiders oversee their work.

What could be more awesome than a rooftop raider bar?

A shootout with raiders atop scaffolding in the Downtown area of the Pitt.

A raider engages in some target practice at bottles lined up in a nearby building.

More pictures coming as I play through this huge game. :)