Fan-Made Videos:
It's awesome to see things that I've created make enough of an impact that it makes it into a fan-made Youtube video.

Car Explosion Chain:
For such a simple setup, there's a huge payoff in terms of enjoyable gameplay.

Gold Ribbon Grocers:
Gold Ribbon is a play on Rube Goldberg, the creator of the famously over-complicated machines that do simple things. In this example, the player gets some good loot in an abandoned mini-mart. The swinging trap knocks over various boxes, which fall onto a pressure plate, which sets off a pitching machine that knocks a fire extinguisher onto a bear trap. The resulting explosion knocks loose a bunch of hanging grenades, which ignites a gas leak. The resulting explosion makes some loot fall down a hole in the ceiling near where the player started the sequence.


I made a few of the GECK (Fallout 3 editor) official tutorials.