About Me

Engineer -
I love to learn how things work in order to improve on the design. I find that video games offer a nearly endless amount of things to study and tinker with. I am interested in learning and improving upon many aspects of game development including character systems, map layout and streamlining, user input and interface design, human interaction with the environment and other players, and ultimately what makes playing games an enjoyable experience.

I see game development as an experiment in creating a product that gives people enjoyment. I try to break down enjoyable experiences into components, and then create a new experience out of those components. Then that new experience is refined based on feedback from playtesting, and hopefully something fun comes out as a result.

Athlete -
As a child, my parents owned a gymnastics school. Growing up with full access to an elaborate playground encouraged me to explore many physical endeavors. I was a national level trampolinist, and am currently a rock climbing enthusiast. I enjoy all manner of outdoor activities as well.

Avid Gamer -
I've been enamored with video games since I got an NES in 1986. Since then, it's been difficult to keep me away from a game system for any length of time. I enjoy a full range of game types, particularly role playing, action and strategy games. Having been a dedicated FPS clan member and online game enthusiast, I am very excited for the possibilities of what online gaming has to offer. We are only just beginning to realize the opportunities presented by user generated content and in-game social interaction. Harnessing the power of players is the next big advancement in video games.

I also enjoy board games. While working at Bethesda Softworks, I regularly attended a weekly game night where developers would play board games such as Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Carcassonne. Due to their very nature, board games must adhere to simple rules and use clever implementation in order to be provide an entertaining experience. Playing a game that is distilled down to its essence helps keep a game designer grounded.

Chess is another game that interests me very much. Although still at an amateur level, I'm fascinated with the depth that is offered in a game with such a simple rule set.